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  1. In the email about backer update #49 and patch 1.1: Ah it's also mentioned in the forum post.
  2. I am using Windows 10, 64 bit. EDIT. The other post had a solution, a refresh link for GOG library posted by Minimage. That solved it for me, now downloading the game. Sorry to have made a double post about the same issue!
  3. Clicking on the game in GOG Galaxy library doesn't even open the game window for me (Fig Ultimate Digital Edition), just refreshes the library window. Dropdown menu has install option but that doesn't work, just has a spinning loading icon and continue button is greyed out so can only click cancel.
  4. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Fig Ultimate Digital Edition shows in my library but I cannot install it on GOG Galaxy. Clicking on the game does not open the game window like with other games, instead just refreshes library window. Clicking on install from the drop down menu does not work either, it opens the install window but it just has a spinning loading icon rather than letting you choose a directory to install under. Can only cancel that, continue button is greyed out. Some have said to exit GOG Galaxy and restart it, that hasn't worked after several attempts. EDIT. Same issu
  5. Might not have signed up for the newsletter? I was sort of expecting the physical items to be delivered after launch to begin with, pretty ambitious to have them be delivered for launch date. I was very happy when I heard they wanted to do that, but it's not that big of a disappointment that they're arriving after launch.
  6. Time has flown by, but this has been one of the shorter length crowdfunding projects of this scope from opening funding to release date overall I believe? Can't wait to play the game!
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