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  1. For the Collector's Edition pledge level in the graphic I see the printed manual but in the word list of items for the pledge level I don't see the printed manual mentioned. Does the Collector's Edition come with the printed manual?
  2. @Eumaios: I don't think so. I pledged 1st then created my forum account later.
  3. The $5 discount appeared as an extra when I was setting up my pledge.
  4. I'd like to get the Elite Collector's and get the physical copy of Pillars 1 (with expansion). I've pledge for the Elite Collector's reward. I'm new to Fig and I see no way to contact the project creators to ask questions (like on Kickstarter). I'm looking to either add the physical Pillars 1 onto my pledge as an add-on (preferable) or pledge 2 rewards. How would I do this on Fig?
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