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  1. The pathing is completely broken in this dungeon. I have Steam version updated to whatever is current as of date of posting. My party members started walking through the walls in this dungeon, and I had a hell of a time trying to get them pathed back out to the entrance. I had to move them 1 by 1 and it was mostly trial and error trying to see where they could or couldn't walk. At one point one of my party walked to the center and looted the items without triggering anything. Later another of my party got trapped in the center and triggered the encounter by herself. This was an atrocious dunge
  2. I'm currently using IEMod, which allows me to move the UI elements wherever I want. However, it doesn't allow me to separate the chat and combat logs into two separate windows. I was going to move the party portraits either to the top of the screen, or have them running vertically down the side, and then place the chat window/log in the bottom-left corner and have the combat log in the bottom-right corner where it is by default. I get tired of having to constantly click the tabs with the mouse to switch back and forth between the chat and combat logs. Is there some way to split the log windows
  3. Scratch all of this I guess. I was reading another post about priest spells not affecting the priest that casts them. Then the poster replied back that IEMod was causing it. I just assumed that was how those spells worked! So on a whim, I started the game without IEMod and now my rites scrolls work fine. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time. I was not aware of these bugs with the mod. That is what I was attempting to do. I had Aloth and Durance both standing beside my rogue, who had 10 mechanics. Each time either Aloth or Durance would attempt to use the scroll, they would say something like "bla
  4. Hi, I'm on my first play-through so perhaps I do not understand how this works. I need a mechanics buff to open a mechanics lvl 12 trapped chest. My mechanics is 10. I placed these Rite of Hidden Wonders scrolls on both Aloth and Durance, both of which have 10 lore. The scrolls say they require 4 lore. Every time I use one with Aloth, he uses the scrolls and then says "curses". I check my mechanics score and the buff isn't there. I tried using Durance and basically the same thing happens except he says "no" and it fails too. I added several of the scrolls with the console and kept trying and i
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