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  1. Hi 0/ Sadly I think you have to upload them via an other webstite first then get the url and paste it It's the only way I know I will then ask you a little effort to do so because I wanna see your protraits !! And yea try to ask Cortana about some portraits folders too (might be somewhere)
  2. Hi folks ! New to the game and new to the forum too (this is my fist post ) . I felt in love with the game about a week ago, but my only problem were the portraits. most of these I just can't .. So I walked around the internet and gathered a bunch that I liked. In this selection I skipped the Orlans and godlike races just because... personal aesthetic preferences. I don't play with them in my party so I didn't really tried to find some portraits for them sorry guys... So here is the gallery : https://teabagster.imgur.com/all/#1 And here is the whole compressed pack that you can download and move in the Pillars player portraits folder : https://www.sendspace.com/file/1pm4bd I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I am. Let me know If you need some more, I think I'll try eventually to find some Orlan and Godlike pics in the future but not sure. Have a good one .
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