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  1. So when the update came I was pretty excited to come back to the game so after playing for a while I realized the multiplayer tab is no longer on the main menu. I know the tab does nothing but since it no longer there is multiplayer gone or is it not a priority for now?
  2. Update on the bug! OK so I deleted the party so you guys can fix it about couple hours ago so I went in to check on my characters to see if they got their cards back so I formed a new party to check the deck and their all there but at the same time when I look at them the cards in them look very similar to what I had before morgiv took them it's when I realise that the bug didn't actually banish the card it simply hid them. So people affected by this might just need to delete their party and reform them to reset it. So all my cards are back no need to fix them but I just want reassurance that the morgiv wipe bug is fix?
  3. PFid- 16657206DA7A58AB I don't remember most of the cards but here some of them I only have one save file for the story which got affected you can tell which character it is because there decks are missing cards The party had most of the loot cards that you get for beating the final scenario in each deck Cleric: Invoke Major cure Augurs Senoia: Disintegrate Wander of scorching ray 2 in cantering Barbarian: Giants bane axe Merisel Venomous daggers Venomous heavy crossbow Giant bane daggers Since you're doing it manually that way it's fine if you put filler cards as long I can get out of the manage you're deck phase I'm stuck there
  4. Same thing happened to me not only are my cards got banished my party is stuck on the deck organization phase I don't remember most of the cards but they did have most of the loot cards from previous adventures decks Cleric had invoke, major cure and augurs Barbarian had giant bane axe Rogue had venomous daggers, venomous heavy crosbow and venomous daggers Senoia had disintegrate and two in cantering Pfid= 16657206DA7A58AB
  5. Same happen to me not only my cards are gone but I also can't get out of the phase where you put away you're cards Pfid_ 16657206DA7A58AB
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