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  1. PFID-3AE49E6795EED2DF "Merisel fix" weapons: black arrow longbow, deathbane light crossbow +1, venomous heavy crossbow +2, acidic sling +3 armor: blackcloth armor, sniper's studded leather items: necklace of fireballs, belt of incredible dexterity x2, improved sage's journal, masterwork tools, wand of enervation, revelation quill allies: black arrow ranger, elven sharpshooter, shalelu andosana blessings of erastil x3, gorum x2, milani "Kyra to fix" weapons: fanged falchion, vicious double axe +1, mokmurian's club, keen scythe +2 spells: augury, sign of wrath, holy light, mass cure, greater aid armor: invincible breastplate, ebon thorn items: amulet of inescapable location, emerald codex ally: velociraptor blessings of gorum, gozreh, lamashtu, sarenrae x5 "Ezren to fix" weapon: shortspear +3 spells: augury, gozreh's trident, disintegrate, haste, blizzard, incendiary cloud, lightning bolt, mirror image, poison blast x2, force bolt items: robe of runes, staff of hungry shadows, flask of storm, headband of epic intelligence, staff of heaven and earth, ordikon's staff allies: poog of zarongel, pyromanic mage, incanter
  2. I had the same issue. After many hours, my party's cards were largely wiped. I'd be more than happy just to have my save back from last week. If that's not possible, I've just gone back and tried to reconstruct my decks, and it would be great to have these restored: Merisel black arrow longbow deathbane light crossbow +1 venomous heavy crossbow +2 acidic sling +3 blackcloth armor sniper's studded leather necklace of fireballs belt of incredible dexterity belt of incredible dexterity improved sage's journal masterwork tools wand of enervation revelation quill black arrow ranger elven sharpshooter shalelu andosana erastil erastil erastil gorum gorum milani Kyra fanged falchion vicious double axe +1 mokmurian's club keen scythe +2 augury sign of wrath holy light mass cure greater aid invincible breastplate ebon thorn amulet of inescapable location emerald codex velociraptor gorum gozreh lamashtu sarenrae sarenrae sarenrae sarenrae sarenrae Ezren shortspear +3 augury gozreh's trident disintegrate haste blizzard incendiary cloud lightning bolt mirror image poison blast poison blast force bolt robe of runes staff of hungry shadows flask of storm headband of epic intelligence staff of heaven and earth ordikon's staff poog of zarongel pyromanic mage incanter
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