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  1. Errr, if you merge...doesn't that mean you can now die? After all, you are united with your mortality now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, merging does cause mortality, but that was in ()"s along with unmaking yourself saying if you chose not to fight your mortality. Besides, merging would work to, he's still not dead eh? Necroposting, first time I've heard that on the net. But if you cared to notice, I just joined (2'nd Post), so it's not "new" so to speak to me. So pike off.
  2. *Warning: Spoiler's in this Post* of Planescape: Torment I would just like to add: Those who think the nameless one's story is finished, answer me this... How is one's story ended when one cannot be killed? (Unless of course you unmade yourself at the end, I liked merging.) The reason the sales of this game was so-so is not many people played the Planescape setting. Though, after knowing of it, one knew ones self to see how awesome it could be. (Dakkon, silly guy ) I still hold true to the fact though, it's all about character development. FF7, great cast, Chrono Trigger, awesome cast, you get my drift. Everything was so indepth you believed and felt through its characters, thats what makes a game so great, not even stopped at games, that goes for movies, books, theatre. Also, D&D isn't stopped by anything the imagination can't think of, they could very well bring planescape society/places/people into Ad&d 3.5. It would be refreshing actually, though its mostly generalized at the moment because of NWN's builders engine to have the people do the work themselves, bleh on that though. :"> The only character in Torment we really never got closure on was Fall-From-Grace. We all assumed she loved TNO, but what was in that dairy...
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