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  1. Pathfinder isn't recognizing a logged in Game Center account. I've used steps from general workaround post regarding this issue: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88500-updated-103-trouble-logging-in-here-is-a-workaround/?do=findComment&comment=1832697 I've logged out while game was running and not running. Logged in while game was running and not running. Logged in from the settings page and from within the app. The Game Center "welcome back" message always appears within the app when logged in. The first time I ever ran the app, the login was successful, but never since then (+dozen times). I have removed the app and reinstalled. I have tried restarting app/logging out or Game Center and restarting app/logging in after a device soft reboot. My Game Center username formerly contained a special character, but I've changed it to only contain letters. My game version is 704-20161116 OS is 10.1.1 (14b100) Device is IPhone 6 (model mg5w2ll/a)
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