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  1. Thanks. That's more or less the answer I had in my head. Kind of "a wizard did it": The engwithans did it. But hey... if a god used a moon to kill another god I think they probably can bypass the technology to travel across an ocean. In that case, although the gods were created through engwithan technology (should we call it... soulpunk technoloogy?) apparently they are not subject to it anymore. So, they don't necessarily exist where the Engwithans were and then, the Engwithans created locally something of worlwide impact. I find it more plausible the existence of Engwithans ruins in Deadfire. In real life earth nomad people sometimes travelled thousand of kilometers. And the naval technology to go from an island to another inside an archipielago (as in real life Oceania) is less advanced that the tech needed to cross the sea. I hope that PoE 2 expands the lore about souls.
  2. As I understand: 1 - The gods were created by the engwithans. 2 - The engwithans were the previous settlers of Eir Glanfath, in the Eastern Reach. 3 - The Eastern Reach was discovered in 2602 by explorer of the Aedyr Empire, 223 years before the start of PoE 1. 4 - The engwithans lived in the Eastern Reach thousands of years ago, so their gods and cults were spread all over that continent. 5 - Readceras was an aedyran colony where Eothasian colonist settled in 2643. 6 - So, Eothas was (is) an aedyran god. So: 1 - Was (is) Eothas a god not created by the engwithans? 2 - If that's the case, who created it? 3 - Were the gods transcontinental although the Eastern Reach did not have knowledge of Aedyr Empire before 2602? 4 - Did the engwithans lived where the Aedyr Empire is located? 5 - If that's the case, how the two continents didn't have notice of each other? 6 - Were the aedyran gods of a different nature? My sources are a mix of in-game books, the journal of the Watcher and the wiki.
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