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  1. At The Long Device and Erzen countered The Thing From Beyond Time. Was able to defeat it and selected a spell as the scenario reward... and then everything hung and it won't give me an option to proceed. Usually when this happens I close the game completely, restart it and continue and sometimes it gives the option to continue, but not so far for this one and I've tried half a dozen times.
  2. That must have been it. I went through the scenario anyways and then my hand size is back to normal. Then I did a few other scenarios and came across it again and saw that the check box beside the hand size power is removed.
  3. Oh dang, just remembered that the last update just rolled out a new scenario wildcard. You didn't happen to recently come across:Close Quarters: Your hand size is decreased by 1/2/3. Did you? If so, would you remember if you may have forfeited the scenario or played it to completion?
  4. It appears as if the Hand Size power for every character (whether in my existing party or any other party) is not selected. So Seelah has a hand size of 3. Harsk has a hand size of 4. Etc. So everyone has 1 less card than their lowest hand count because they don't have a check box at their lowest hand size level.
  5. Finished adventure 5 and now none of my characters (or any characters) have a check beside their hand size. Which means they have few cards... for example, paladin has 2 cards in her hand. Tried restarting ap, restarting scenarios, etc.
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