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  1. First off, let me say thank you for Pillars of Eternity. A masterpiece of a game. (Its now in my top 5 favorite games) Secondly, I know this is a long list, it does NOT in ANY way imply that PoE needs to be fixed. It doesn't need to be fixed. Its great, its more than great its #@$% ing awesome! These are just a things I would "like" to see: (The only thing, the one and only thing that could use definitely use improvement is the pathfinding. That's it.) Stat influencing hats. - many of the rings, armor, weapons etc in PoE influenced characters' stats and gave them access to different spells and abilities. I would like to see more hats with this incorporated. Varying locations - I loved the White March DLC (or as I would call it – expansion pack). It provided a great change of scenery. I would like to see varying locations in PoE 2. More consistent voice acting from NPCs and party members – I realize that the inconsistency in the voice acting in PoE was probably due to lack of money or time. More choose-your-own-adventure sections – Like what you guys did with the White March (expansion pack ) Romance options for party members – Always fun. Armor sets. - I believe somebody else mentioned this Pets as companions – Would like to be able to level pets up like the regular companions More illustrations! These were awesome! Keep it up. I loved the stronghold in PoE. The dungeon below and the epic quest to keep it: Great stuff. And of course building it up. I would like to see even more building options. Maybe different options for the class of the player's character. That way we can get a sort of different stronghold with future playthroughs. Reshy had this to say:"1. Class and race-specific content: The class you take in the game seems to have little impact on events in the game. Nobody reacts to you being a wizard for instance, not even Aloth seems to react to you being say a Wizard. Putting in class specific quests and dialogue choices I believe would be good at expressing the point of the classes and where they fit in, as opposed to relying entirely on our foreknowledge of what these classes are and what they do. This is doubly so with race, where it's barely brought up, even if you're a godlike. There's no quests regarding race, and no responses either. Godlikes are supposed to be feared (if not hated) but it almost never comes up. So more ways to make your race feel meaningful would be appreciated." And I agree. Dedicated mod support One thing that I really want to see in PoE is the option to take a non violent route to finish quests. All of the dialouge options in PoE lead to a fight. I would like to be able to talk my way out of fights (maybe have this tied to a trait?) Or I would like to be able to steal, cheat, lie, sneak etc my way out of conflicts and even to finish a quest. New game plus option. I personally liked the slower leveling. Gave PoE a nice, classical feeling. Jarmo said: Separate slots for necklaces and cloaks. I agree...slightly. Might make the game too easy if there were separate slots. Which leads me to a word of praise: Thanks for making PoE difficult! Keep it up! Also,to counter some of the suggestions I've seen here: Please keep the six party members. I liked it. Very traditional. And I, for one, I liked the graphics as they were in PoE. Don't worry about making it look next-gen. I don't want next-gen, I want to be reminded of the of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. I'd like to see some characters that were in PoE show up in PoE 2. Eder for one. More soulbound weapons and as somebody else said, soulbound armor. I loved the simulation and building aspect of the Stronghold. I would like to see more of this. Maybe outside of a Stronghold (but with Strongholds too). Perhaps a quest has you rebuild a town? Also, the Stronghold quests and having people visit you? Brilliant stuff. At some point I'd like to see a dragon attack your Stronghold in PoE 2 or an enemy army lay siege to it. Also, the choose your own adventure battle at the end of the main stronghold quest? That was one of my favorite moments in the game!
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