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  1. A hint for anyone else having this issue do not delete the app and reinstall. You will lose purchases you had made and not receive gold for adventures you had completed. It's still keeps track of gold but you can't purchase anything from the store. All prices show as -1 gold.
  2. I'm logged into Game Center. Still no dice. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I updated to 10 before I ever installed PA. Was working ok. I think it started this issue after I purchased my 4th character Valeros. I also can't add him to Quests although Storyline wasn't a problem.
  3. I'm playing on an iPhone 5S with iOS 10. In the past day or so my gold is not showing up in the store, but does appear to be accumulating normally. When I launch the app it signs into GameCenter, but in the upper left it still shows "Link Social Gaming Network" even after an alert box in the game says I'm connected. I would give my PFID, but none is showing. I've tried closing the app and restarting as well as powering down the phone and restarting. Thanks in advance.
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