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  1. So for anyone who doesn't have a way to patch the nwn2 gold edition with motb installed and gets stuck on the peak after killing the fire giant King, here's what I did. Before entering the peak, spawn a dungeon master by using the debug commands Basically debugmode 1 rs gr_dm Then go and kill the fire giant King, do whatever you need to do, and then type gr_jumptodm and this will teleport you to wherever you spawned the dungeon master. This will, however, not fix the quest as when you return to Khulmar he will give you dialogue that indicates you still do not possess the belt. Still trying to figure this part out and will update this thread once I do...if I do, lol. I'm sure the patch would fix this but I do not have Internet on my computer because of where I live so hopefully this helps someone else out there in the same boat as me.
  2. I just killed the fire giant leader and ass soon as he died I got the journal update telling me I killed him and reclaimed the belt of ironist. I had yet to loot his corpse to get the belt and prior to and after doing that I tried to leave and I'm given the message "You cannot leave without the belt of ironfist in your possession" even though it is. I'm posting this from my phone as I don't have Internet for my computer or I'd patch the game and that'd probably fix it. Pretty sure motb causes this but what I need is the console command to fix this lol. I've had to console command so many broken scripts so far and it's very frustrating so if anyone could find me those commands I'd be very grateful. Thx
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