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  1. Cheers for the help dude, I read later on Intellect buffs come aplenty from some items and an in in Divinity Bay so I rolled this if I feel my AOE isn't up to snuff or some conversations need some thinking power. Mig 20 Con 3 Dex 18 +2 (I remember some plus 2 gloves lying around too I'll use for awhile) Per 18 Int 10 +2 (That hat from drunken boat lady and the sad crew bridge guys) Res 10
  2. Aye it felt abit silly to focus on a greatsword if he was only swinging it once an hour. I did respec briefly to try a full on tank and it was working wonderful but I hate it when I'm a frontliner dealing 2 damage a strike. It doesn't feel very uh... crusadery. I forgot to mention the sword I want to use is Tidefall. And any Arquebus will do if it punches as hard as a toddler falling down a flight of stairs or something. So I'm thinking of rocking Human - Paladin - Wayfarer - Living Lands Mig 20 Con 3 Dex 12 Perception 18 Int 15 Resolve 10 If 2 Dex is negligible then I might
  3. Hey there fairly new to the game, been looking around at builds and such and playing a little on my own getting up to Kana. I've been abit on the fence about builds and such though seeing what will be viable in the long run, I own both White Marches so I cap at 16 I think. I'm adamant about playing on Path of the damned and it doesn't seem all that bad for me at the minute, a few wipes but once I had Eder in there things picked up. I was running this before Human - Shieldbearer - Living Lands Might 20 Constitution 3 (This really hurt for a while but got past it eventually) Dexterity 3
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