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  1. Cheers for the help dude, I read later on Intellect buffs come aplenty from some items and an in in Divinity Bay so I rolled this if I feel my AOE isn't up to snuff or some conversations need some thinking power. Mig 20 Con 3 Dex 18 +2 (I remember some plus 2 gloves lying around too I'll use for awhile) Per 18 Int 10 +2 (That hat from drunken boat lady and the sad crew bridge guys) Res 10
  2. Aye it felt abit silly to focus on a greatsword if he was only swinging it once an hour. I did respec briefly to try a full on tank and it was working wonderful but I hate it when I'm a frontliner dealing 2 damage a strike. It doesn't feel very uh... crusadery. I forgot to mention the sword I want to use is Tidefall. And any Arquebus will do if it punches as hard as a toddler falling down a flight of stairs or something. So I'm thinking of rocking Human - Paladin - Wayfarer - Living Lands Mig 20 Con 3 Dex 12 Perception 18 Int 15 Resolve 10 If 2 Dex is negligible then I might pump 2 into Con to bring me back into line abit. It's a shame since the Paladin relies on quite a few stats and the greatsword doesn't fall into those stats so much.
  3. Hey there fairly new to the game, been looking around at builds and such and playing a little on my own getting up to Kana. I've been abit on the fence about builds and such though seeing what will be viable in the long run, I own both White Marches so I cap at 16 I think. I'm adamant about playing on Path of the damned and it doesn't seem all that bad for me at the minute, a few wipes but once I had Eder in there things picked up. I was running this before Human - Shieldbearer - Living Lands Might 20 Constitution 3 (This really hurt for a while but got past it eventually) Dexterity 3 (Slooooooow) Perception 18 Intellect 15 Resolve 19 Looking at what's around none of this synergies well at all. I've heard about the Wayfarer's though I think Shieldbearer's were just what I was attracted to RP wise. Basically I want to run a Greatsword with backup Arquebus etc. Who basically buffs his teamates slightly with heals and auras, doesn't have to be over the top. Hence just leaving intellect at 15 for dialogue and abit of AOE. Abilities wise Im open to suggestions I know about Strange Mercy and Lay on hands and that's about it aswell as some proficiency talents. I'm fine with a bit of squishiness if I can get the healing off or just back off and become a gunner etc. This doesn't have to be min/maxy but just wondering what will get me through to the end. At the minute Constitution and Dexterity are a hard sell on me but I'm worried about dumping resolve since I think it might have been the only reason along with the outworn buckler that I even reached Kana. Any help is appreciated, Cheers.
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