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  1. Am I over looking something as to why I can't use combat spells to e.g. force missle to try to defeat them?
  2. ISSUE: Any time a character goes or starts at shrine of Lamashtu the game graphical freaks out. It loads only 25% of the screen, only the lower left (can't see cards center or roll properly) you can forfeit the game with some intuition of where the taps should be. But practically breaks the Black Fang's Dungeon. DEVICE: ASUS MeMO Pad 7 LTE OS: Android 5.1.1 GAME VER: 573-201660815 PFID: 89d082D4C84CEAD2 EFFECTS: Tried both on and off no difference PermaDeath: No difference PassPlay: No difference MISC: Does not matter if it's story or quest still happens at Shrine to Lamshtu, party size makes no difference, nor does difficulty, pretty much if you load the shrine it only loads lower left hand corner while the what ever previous screen stays in the remaining 75%.
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