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  1. My personal opinions on what should be changeable:

    Cosmetics - Definitely

    Class - Yes

    First level skill choices even if you stay the same Class - Yes

    Stats - Yes, but only to a limited degree, say being able to subtract up to 8 points and redistributing them, to keep more in line with "import" a character

    Voice Package - Of course, with some more variety this time around if possible. In PoE 1 I find a somewhat fitting one, but not exactly what I imagined. Side-note: How often voice responses to clicks and similiar things are made would be nice to adjust in a slider or something similar. I grew a bit tired of the feedback towards the end of the game from every click, especially while just exploring.
    Background, assuming it is even still in game - No, you got beat down, but Eothas didn't time travel and make you change your life choices

    Subculture - No, just weird
    Race - No

    Sex - No

    Name - No, we didn't lose our memory.


    Factions you've associated yourself with - No
    Any notable monsters you've killed or allies lost - no

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    Hey Brian, 


    This is a known issue and we have a fix for this in our next patch. 3.04, no date on its release yet though.


    - Sking


    Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Here's to hoping the patch will be coming soon. 


    Should I join the beta again for the off-chance it releases there a bit earlier? 


    Have a nice one,



    After some digging around, re-installing the game and trying different things, I've discovered that the source of the bug is the skill "Shadow Step".

    It has become a modal ability and when toggled on, leads to all the issues. I was unable to toggle it off, but by re-installing the game it was toggled-off again by default, but makes me unable to use the skill, due to the bug associated with it.


    I'd like to refer to this post by Apoca1976, which is associated with Shadow Step itself. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88359-shadow-step-bug/


    Thanks for working hard on fixes and I'd be glad to try out different things or send logs, if it helps with the troubleshooting.

  3. I posted this late at night in the PoE subreddit and am now posting here, in hopes of finding a way to fix this (for me) gamebreaking bug:


    Hello, been trying to fix this bug by myself for the last 50 minutes.


    Know the half-moon icon that you see when summoning a creature via an item? That is now stuck in combat for no reason. It prevents me from selecting skills and companions via the mouse; still works through the keyboard somewhat.

    I can't take a screenshot, since it isn't included.

    The weird thing is, when I switch to (DLC Character spoiler)

    (#s"Devil of Caroc"), the icon changes to the one for "Shadow Step", but still refuses to be used. Basically, the left click on ANYTHING besides the menu (Stronghold, inventory, etc.) does nothing.


    The bug started happening after I tried to fight the

    (#s"Radiant Spore") in the Mines in WM2. I only gave it 1 try and am currently stuck fighting some enemies just outside in a nearby room (skipped it before) and noticed the bug.


    What I've tried:


    * Resetting options to default

    * leaving the beta

    * verifying game cache integrity

    * loading an earlier file in the place

    * restarting the game

    * restarting my pc

    * windowed mode

    * unplugging mice and keyboard



    I'm sorry for the not well written out/formatted post. It's 01:45 AM now, wanted to enjoy a nice game of PoE from midnight to 1 before bed, and this bug is now driving me madly insane.


    I hope somebody can help me and discover what the issue is.

    If anybody trusts me enough, I have a quicksave right before the fight, where somebody can try to emulate the issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0afr9h83tPWN2tZSDBtVGxqaTQ/view?usp=sharing

    I can't attach it, so I've put the link above


    Thanks for any help in this rage-inducing issue and I apologize once more if I sound ranty (too annoyed to put it off until after I've slept)


    tl;dr Cursor change from the normal one to the "summoning" one, won't let me select abilities or party in combat. Preventing me from progressing and taking away my motivation to finish this great game



    EDIT: A work-around is letting the rogue cast Shadow Step, and letting the first few seconds of combat play on auto. Works for easier encounters, but the harder ones (playing WM2 upscaled) are impossible like this. Hoping for a possible solution or patch in the future that will fix this. For now, I'll just need to go around the boss fights.

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