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  1. I remember that random encounters tended to happen a lot, and were always the same in BG II. Good first time, but boring after. I prefer the scenarized encounters. About resting in dungeon, I agree it's odd to sleep just a few meters away of dangerous monsters that attack you on sight. There's should be a chance of night attack on your camp on such occasions. after all, in reality, it's always when you sleep that pests raid your skin without mercy.
  2. The power doesn't fade when the game ends, your character is still a Watcher and their powers are still there. Sorry to disappoint you, but i watched the ending again, it is clearly stated thta your visions ceased and the voices of the past became quiet, and that allow you to get some sleep. in other words : that you're no longer a watcher.
  3. Some things i like in PoE : - Choices and the possibility to build a behaviour’s reputation, and that reputation bring consequences. - Observations from NPC on PC’s background (merchant, dissident, labourer, etc.) - voice acting. They were convincing (well, Durance’s wail of despair was so convincing that my neighbour came knocking at my door to see if I was well…) - party commentaries. They make the NPc more lively - the possibility to use the traps you disarm - I don’t know to mention them correctly, but I really like the short passages with scriptures, like the burning house, the c
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