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  1. Hi all, I just completed almost all wm1(except apline dragon n thaos), all my characters are level14. I just bought wm2 yesterday, must reroll stats for all characters inorder for them to enjoy or gain spells/talents/abilities in wm2 patch? (especially the wizard spells too) thanks all.
  2. i always love fixed isometric-view rpg, POE is like a mixture of Ultima7 n etc.... i hope we have more monsters or npcs to kill....
  3. Hi all, Managed to completed killing of Thaos recently n after that bought White March expansion. Luckily i still have Save game data. Questions (1) - halfway along all the quests, im unable to access to " Brighthollow mansion " level 2. Everytime i want to access it, my game crashes out n i have to reload the game. Any known bugs? Question (2) - Regarding Hiravias the druid npc, it seems i have issue in getting him into my party. When i dismiss a party member n include him into it, he did not appear in the party. So i dismiss him in
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