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  1. The AI behavior was set to none, that wasn't because of the bug. Okay, great to know. I'll wait for the fix then. Thanks a lot.
  2. You mean the White March DLC? No, it's vanilla PoE, I don't own the expansion yet.
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with this. I met Durance, a bit late in the game, right before the auction, but after I reported to Webb that I got the invitation. So, I went into a dialogue with him, I don't remember what I chose, but I managed to recruit him. Then, this is where things get weird, after I've recruited him, he wasn't available somehow, apparent by his disappearance on the party members UI on the bottom left. But when I checked on the roster UI (where you dismiss and recruit people), he was there. Thus, I swap Durance with someone else, but nothing happens. Now, whenever I add Durance to the party, and change my party afterwards (whether dismissing or recruiting someone), my party doesn't change, the roster UI doesn't reflect what my actual party members are. There's only two way that I know of so far that restores it, it's either adding a new hire, or restarting the game. Also, whenever Durance is in the party, he can't do anything except attacking and moving, basically like a character with no class. All of his skills are faded out or unusable, the icon shows for some of them, like second wind, and those spell tabs with roman numerals (but nothing happens when i hover them). There's one instance when I'm able to access the spells, like see them and everything, but I can't confirm whether i can use them or not, cause when I entered a battle i can't access them anymore. Anyway, I've attached the save files, player log, and my spec. Hope this can be fixed soon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5652atr5ymlcux/PoEDurance.zip?dl=0
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