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  1. I've already bought the adventure pack because I think the devs have done a great job with the game. So I don't really need the gold. Either way there's a couple of points I don't like about the quest system: 1) Why do you only have 24 hours to complete a quest? I don't want to be forced to play everyday, not to mention if I start to play at night I only have some hours left to finish it. And if I make any progress it really doesn't matter because the quest is going to be swapped by a new one with zero progress, not much sense there. Wouldn't it better a system like Hearthstone were you can keep up to 3 quests? Also in Hearthstone you always keep your old quest so the progress is kept. 2) Some quest are just incredible tedious. Yesterday I was doing the collect 25 allies quest. I spent 2 hours to collect 12 allies. Are the quest really done to take 4 hours of you playing the game a day? Guys please take a look at the quest system, it really needs some work.
  2. For the cards coming from treasures, which is the limit number of cards that will be carried to an adventure? I have 6 copies of some cards, does this mean the odds of getting these cards is a lot higher? Is there any limit?
  3. Can you please send up your save files so we can take a look? You can use dropbox or email it to support@obsidian.net Getting game files: Connect the Android Device to your PC. Open Windows Explorer and open the device Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC Zip and send! Here you have: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7S6qjtH-56hZ0pYeUotVXVaNVk
  4. Hey triodo, Are you now able to access your story mode save? No. When I enter story mode I see the "New Party" rectangle and a rectangle with the data of my 2-men party, but when I click the continue button below it, it doesn't do anything.
  5. When the patch came I couldnt play anything or even aquire dayly gold, because the game said I wasn't logged, It even said I had to buy the 26 EUR pack I already own. I reinstall the game, now I can get the dayly gold and see my full collection of cards and I now own again the full 26 EUR pack. I had a party of 2 characters in story mode and another party of 2 in quest mode, I cant access any of those now, and I clearly havent reach any 24 limit. When I enter the game it login to the google play service but when I enter settings it says PFID-User Not Logged In Yet. Edit: Today I was able to see my PFID: D33BDC36DBB92CB7
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