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  1. Well, after reading Loren's theory, i went ahead and bought WM1. ran my game and still just hiravias causing issue. so i went and bought WM2 and voila, problem solved. i'm able to put hiravias back in my party and enter the second floor of brighthollow. looks like Loren's post is correct. is this some ploy for people to buy the DLCS? Anyways, i hope this helps in solving the problem.
  2. Hi Sking, here is the link to the thread that includes two save files and the output log. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88124-game-breaking-bug-cannot-change-party-303/ many thanks
  3. Hi Aarik, thanks for getting back to me. I tried this now twice (once before and after re-installing, and i did it on both computers). Still no luck any other suggestions?
  4. Hi Loren, i have neither white march 1 nor 2. another update. hiravias seems to be the bad apple here, when i put him in my party that's when things go wrong (can't change party etc). when he's not on an adventure i cannot go to the second floor of brighthollow. however when i send him on an adventure i am able to load the second floor.
  5. Anyone know if the bonuses on dual wield weapons affect both weapons? For example if my offhand has 0.5 bonus to crit damage, will that affect my main hand swings? same applies for accuracy bonuses and proc affects like "Stun/Prone on Crit". Lastly, do the bonuses stack? i have 2 weapons with 0.5 bonus to crit damage and unfortunately it does not list it as an active affect in my character sheet. (i guess this question will be answered depending on whether bonuses affect both weapons or not). thanks in advance!
  6. getting the same error, seems to go hand in hand with the party bug (prevents you from putting in certain party members in to your active roster). in my case, hiravias was the one bugging out, when i sent him to do an adventure i was able to go back to the second floor (since he was gone). however when he returned it again prevented me.
  7. Sorry don't mean to spam this but I just wanted to provide an update on something i've noticed. On both saves, i am unable to go to the second floor Brighthollow. My game would just crash and bring me back to the main menu screen with an error that says: LOADING ERROR There was an error loading the next map. Returned to Main Menu to prevent save game corruption. This essentially makes Caed Nua a lot less useful since i can no longer rest there Hopefully this gets looked into.
  8. all my saves have the bug, even the ones prior to 3.03 and when i first experienced it (including the ones i provided) the bug appears to only happen on my account and this is in line with players who previously had this issue. it appeared that moderators would try to reproduce the bug using the save games that other people had and it would not happen. see here - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73471-group-change-bug/page-2 those were however over a year ago, hopefully something can be figured out now.
  9. i loaded a saved game prior to 3.03 and i'm experiencing the same issue, it appears to have affected all of my saves.
  10. Thanks much appreciated. Here is the link to the output log - https://www.sendspace.com/file/s2yuw1 And here is of the save file One - https://www.sendspace.com/file/rnopqu Two - https://www.sendspace.com/file/m7wcr3 Question, how would I recheck with 3.02 once ive updated to 3.03?
  11. Hello, Been looking around a bit and it appears that this bug has been ongoing. It appears that i cannot add Hiravius to my party. Every time i do, it shows him as added in the "Party Selection" screen while in Caed Nua, however when i close the screen, nothing happens. Now once i do this it begins to bug out everything else and i cannot change anyone at all anymore. I tried loading multiple saves from previous times throughout my play through and nothing seems to work. I even re-installed and tried using a different computer and still not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i have over 100 hours into the game and already int he middle of act 3, would hate to have to stop. As a side note, this happened right after i updated to 3.03 Thank you
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