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  1. And having to forfeit the game at the end of that combat caused the permadeath of my well experienced Sajan, now... There's a way to have him back?
  2. Happened two times to me as well. Stuck at the end, 6 blessings left in deck, all villains cornered and defeated, all locations closed, the last "free" movement are done... And I can't do nothing else. The game is stuck, the victory is not triggered. Second time for me this thing is happening. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Is pass & play on? No Is permadeath on? Yes Story Mode Characters in Party: Valeros, Kyra, Lini, Ezren, Sajan, Amiri Location of each character: We was all at the Shimmering Veils of Pride, now only Kyra is left here. Scenario & Scenario Difficulty. Thassilonia
  3. Same problem here, stuck after the third chapter. Hope for a solution or a fix.
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