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  1. Not to beat this to death, but then what is the function of gallery vs vault?
  2. Thanks for the explanation, still kind of confused. Where do I get the sense of progression from a deck standpoint if I have to turn them in after every outing. Maybe I am confusing that part? When I create a party and begin a scenario, and then send them in for the first adventure, are you saying I lose any cards gained between every adventurer? If I keep playing the same four characters for the next two weeks in the same party, do I not keep,the decks I make for each member? Does the cards I do not pick for the one adventure disappear, or remain for the whole scenario? Sorry, I am so very confused by this.
  3. Hi all, After an adventure, I am at a loss as to where the extra cards go my party does not take with them into an adventure. I have a group that has gone out at least 4 times together, but I can never see the growing amount of cards in my vault. The ones that I am not taking with me into the adventure. Not sure if this is clear, I can clarify further if needed. Thanks!
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