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  1. Hey guys, I don't know if these have been posted before, and I'm new to the forums, my apologies if I screw up the format or anything. I have 2 bugs to report. I'm on a galaxy note 4, running android 5.1.1 with only the two characters that you get from the tutorial. Both of these instances happened in quest mode normal with pass and play off, and perma death off. 1: at the Glassworks location, with the Poison Pill event active and the paladins turn, I drew a Specter. This automatically loaded the bonus d8 against undead and the wisdom die check was better than the combat check, loading my the appropriate die. I then selected my Longspear and saw the dice change. Curious if I was better off sticking with the wisdom check, I pulled down my options to see. I did have better odds using wisdom, so I clicked the X on the left of the screen to pull back my Longspear. However, the options went back to wisdom after reshowing the "bonus to undead" splash, the Longspear was still in the middle of the play area but was not selected for the check, nor could I drag it back into play. I rolled the dice and beat the bane, the Longspear was still centered on the screen. I then used a Cure I had in my hand, bot cards were overlapped and showing both, and cured my discard down to 0. I failed the check to recharge the cure and both the Longspear and the Cure got sent to the discard pile. I started to use my Token of Remembrance to get my Cute back, but it wasn't an option to choose from. Canceling the Token and immediately trying it again allowed me to recharge my Cure, but left the Longspear in my discard. The rest of the match played out normal. 2:different game, at the Shrine of Lamashtu, and the scenario power that makes you fight an Ancient Skelton when you encounter a minion, it was the rogues turn and I drew the Bruthazmus minion which you have to fight twice back to back and only the second check determines if he is beaten. I beat him both times and after the second victory his card stayed on the right while I encounter the Ancient Skeleton and their cards overlapped. I beat that Ancient Skelton, and a second immediately had to encounter a second (my guess is due to the "encounter twice" nature of Bruthazmus caused this but I was wondering if that was intended, or a bug. The cards displaying over eachother clearly is, but the double encounter may be a bug. I have pictures of these instances if anyone needs them. Also, while not connected to the internet, I know you won't get gold for winning of closing etc, but I did two rounds back to back while offline and got 0 gold after wining the first (obviously) but I actually got -1 gold for the second win. Is that intended? If not, there's a mini bug. If so, that seems like a poor way to discourage people to only play online and if you can take gold while offline, you should also give gold while offline. Thank you for reading, I hope I've helped. I love the game and it's nice to augment our hard copy when we can't play it, really looking forward to multiplayer. DarkPHINIX
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