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  1. Hi all, I am playing Pathfinder on my PC and iPad, and the sync is working ok. I have just got a new PC, installed Steam, installed the app. Launched it but it doesn't have any of the saved games in it. I had assumed these were saved online somewhere. Can I transfer my saves to my new PC, and more importantly, can I play the game on two different PC's at home (not at the same time), and it syncs the progress?
  2. Hi all, am I doing something wrong? I have started Quest mode twice now, just with my starting characters. I played a scenario, won, got some xp, etc. Next time I played, both characters had 0 xp. Thought I did something wrong, so I played again yesterday Won, and both characters got xp, levelled up and I chose a skill upgrade. Today... Both characters are 0xp again.
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