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  1. First things first, the game implementation is incredible! Obsidian, you guys did a great job bringing this game to life in a digital format. I love that I can play this anywhere anytime without all the shuffling and setup . I have experienced a few minor bugs, but was able to play on and let the little stuff go, but now my game is completely stuck with no way to clear it. Here are the deets: IPAD 2 with 9.3.1 Playing two characters Kyra and Amiri. Kyra had died the previous turn. Amiri too then perished. Upon discarding her hand the game froze. Exiting the app completely, does not fix. I can play Quest mode, but my Story mode is stuck (Forfeit won't come up) No buttons work, the blue arrow is flashing but does not work when pressed The locations have all disappeared... Is there any fix beyond deleting the app and re-installing?
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