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  1. Will this work if my iPad is on a family plan with my wife, but I purchased the bundle on Android, or will we need to purchase it through the app store? I don't think so. Typically IAP carry over within a marketplace, but not across them. Theoretically the $25 Season Pass purchased on your iPad would work on your wife's iPad as well so long as they are using the same Apple ID for iTunes App Store. You would need to purchase the Season Pass again on Android I believe.
  2. Woot! Thanks much for the report! Excellent news for lots of people and I know my wife and I sure do appreciate it!
  3. Howdy and thanks for the reply! It sort of answers my question, but I may not have asked the original question as concisely as I could. Let me give an example and see if it makes more sense. ‚Äč We play Lords of Winterdeep together. I bought the full version and all IAP unlocks (Undermountain and Skullport) under my Apple ID. I was able to download and restore everything on her iPad. The same is true for Ascension, Carcassonne, Talisman and PuzzleStrike. Mind you she is still using her Game Center (Apple ID) but all purchases on her device are via my App Store account. I understand that c
  4. Howdy! I am enjoying the game a bunch so far and I bought the $25 Season Pass bundle to support you guys!! I did have a question and didn't see it directly addressed in the sticky posts. Apologize if I missed it. Anyhow, I went to restore Season Pass purchase on my wife's iPad and it shows Owned but none of the content is unlocked. I am hoping this is a bug and not some consumable IAP? I am guessing it should unlock all the content for her since the App Store account on her iPad uses the same as mine via Family Sharing. Would love some clarification. Thanks!
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