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  1. this is a deeply stupid thread and i can't believe someone brought up participation trophies


    dr roleplaying nerd, phd of the blowhard fellowship expert in diagnosing the internet maladies of the common "millennial"


    most of these ratings bombers are zoomers (under 24s) who believe in some kind of market-based gaming Renaissance if they actively participate in the ratings and critical aspect of gaming media so this is one of their only recourse of participation, like voting, since they are otaku and dont understand anything about capitalism or life really.


    i think most generational observations about millennials are weaponized clickbait bull**** at best and lazy thinking and prejudiced at worst but don't let me stop you citing "a whole heap o' studies"


    keep being old geezers my dudes


    ps josh is really politically left, publicly, on twitter: i think it makes his games targets

  2. yeah that always tickles me, i'm history grad with a good command of language and my own personal style guide when writing informally: no caps, very little punctuation, no stops, i find capitalizing the first person "i" to be very unnecessary and self-absorbed


    language is organic. we create it as we speak & write it, being a grammarian is tiresome (and maybe even some ists) even if you're perfect let alone someone who actually is making dozens of mistakes

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    Did a great job. I find her to be one of the most engaging companions.


    Now Xoti on the other hand...*we need to break up*


    I agree that Ydwin is interesting.  OTOH, it's just strange to me that she's a pale elf.  Frankly, I think that she'd have made a ton more sense as a regular wood elf.  I don't really get a vibe that pale elves should be seen as intellectuals and scientists.  It just seems to me that a pale elf companion or sidekick would have been better as a ranger, or a barbarian, possibly a cleric or druid.  Even a paladin or monk might have been possible, though perhaps of an unknown order that was based in The White That Wends.  I just find the idea of a pale elf as a well educated and seemingly sophisticated animancer highly counter intuitive.


    I think that Ywdin could have been a wood elf and hardly missed a beat in her character.  



    she has dialogs in beast of winter that explain this fwiw

  4. i just can't believe you'd spend any part of your life arguing about this, expecting it, demanding it


    narration is bad ok we get it man big deal, move on, play another game do something else. you seem like you're logging 100s of hours in something you grudgingly tolerate and thats no way to live


    the thing is with this game is that its not first person and its not animated so you actually do have to describe how characters react sometimes, there's really no way around that, maybe you should go write a story mod for an infinity-like instead of being mad online so you can find out for yourself :) i personally would like east and west come together and have big portraits that change expression if necessary above the dialog box but thats not implemented in deadfire


    yes she's like a breathless geek gf, like a dorky, barely contained excited dm and you don't like it at all, i don't either. i like ydwin who is the same actress so its just an aesthetic choice we don't like man its gonna happen to you sometimes try to appreciate it for what it is i guarantee you'll have a better time



    anyone who feels entitled to this option needs to stop playing the game and go outside for a few years

    That's a long time to stay outside.



    drastic cases take drastic measures

  5. 1. do people not realize the game you played as a kid seemed harder because you were a kid


    2. every game ever has a board somewhere with about 12 dudes who post constantly complaining it's too easy. if the extremely hard niche game is too easy I suggest trying to learn how to play an instrument or something


    personally I'm frustrated by how hard the dragon fight is on heart of winter and the fact that the other dlc is EVEN HARDER. I want to have FUN thanks guys for the constant complaints about difficulty now the DLC can only be finished by 1 percent of the audience

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    Oh, I'm all for canonizing a single ending. Pick a "good" ending and go with that. And if there are people who complain about it, tough cookies. The devs are the authors of the "official" story, not the players.


    Regardless, I still say that it's B.S. that they can't go forward with the Eora setting.


    .... Yeah, people who want to actually make MONEY, they don't get to go 'Tough cookies, IDC if my customers don't like it.' That's... yeah no, you don't get to do that, especially not in a competitve industry. Maybe if you were the only donut shop for fifty miles or something, but Obsidian sure as hell doesn't get to do that.

    yeah it's really a shame nobody in games has any creative freedom. also odd how many fans of games are completely fine with this yet still want people to take it seriously as art
  7. Damn, and no mention about it in descriptions. As usually. Definetely Obsidian style.


    it literally says "two-handed weapons" which all arquebuses are also described as on their info...


    some things in systems should be obfuscated because its built to have depth with character creation and min/maxing so that takes effort on the part of the player to dig into. if everyone could have an broken character because the interface hand held you the whole way we'd have a lot more bored gamers complaining about being bored


    but this really isn't buried or obfuscated if i understood it

  8. god this debate about turn based is so insanely tiresome i wish you'd all just stop forever


    divinity 2 is multiplayer, like i said in some other thread codedudes that have more money than sense will drop a chunk to buy four games to play with friends for a weekend. but nobody brings that up because channers or somebody decided rtwp is bad now and so we have to hear about this FOREVER i guess


     who cares??? stop!!! libertarian gamers: sales does not equal quality i'm sorry to break it to you but your dumb philosophy is dumb. stop acting like pillars 2 reportedly having bad sales says anything about the game at all, or about any mistakes they need to fix. maybe they don't need to fix **** and maybe the dumb-ass market revolves around twitch and can't stop playing ****ing fortnite is the problem. maybe its the fact that i'm playing witcher 3 the most raved about game of the year i guess because of the graphics idk its really not that great, its not prestige, its not sophisticated or adult. its kind of like a gory metal album with a ****ed up wizard on the cover which is fine but the gaming press talked about it like it was high art


    maybe this was always a niche game for niche nostalgia gaming and if you like it, you should be happy with it.

  9. i honestly think the midichlorians is a pretty good parallel to you overthinking this moon/ocean godlike thing. i don't have that many questions. gods have a lot of power, they are vain, fickle, and narcissistic, if they have multiple aspects, guises, duties, why wouldn't they have multiple godlike aspects? ondra is goddess of the moons and the sea and manifests as an angler fish to the huana i mean, how does this exactly contradict the existence of moon godlikes. in a metafictional sense, its also cool and opens up the godlikes to being pretty much anything you can justify relating to one of the gods. this is a perfectly valid reason to do anything in a work of fiction mo nobody needed to explain why klingons developed head ridges beyond "we thought they'd look cooler in the movies"


    why do godlikes exist is a great question but it didn't necessarily need to be answered in any of the games we have so far but definitely something to keep in the back pocket


    Why have only one godlike? What's the in-canon explanation for that?

    We don't have much of one. Deadfire makes it clear that Godlikes are some kind of emergency essence hoard for the Gods, but that doesn't really jive.... Until Deadfire, they had no reason to think they'd ever need any such hoard. The Gods are also pretty clearly not the thinking-ahead, just-in-case sort of creatures, so that really doesn't explain why Godlikes are around, just how the Gods are currently thinking of their Godlikes. It's not clear why ANY Godlikes exist, just that they are the chosen of that God.... Because reasons? Gods have Priests already, no idea why they need 'Chosen' as well.



    check this out: what if it doesn't even need to be explained at all


    someone had a character idea for a big fish godlike who was a local legend but a little out of his depth in the real world, they react to him as if he's special in world, he has a special relationship with ondra, is it necessary to answer all of your questions can ambiguity be had?

  11. i don't really agree with the specifics of the OP but i do think devs need to start filtering internet complaints and realizing a lot of it is always going to happen. because with a lot of what seems to be going on with overwatch is that gamers (who post at least) seem to have developed an expectation that its the devs job to entertain them with a product practically forever and what actually happens behaviorally is that they play until they get bored and then they complain about it on the internet. and of course this would happen. so devs take that feedback, change the product, the fans try it out, play until they get bored and then fight over whether it used to be better


    this is why so often the most detailed and longest negative reviews of a product are people with a billion hours, they think the product failed them when its literally just that they should do something else already.


    the fact that the complaints about poe1 and poe2 are mirror images of each other and the fact that 90% of the complaining about both i felt was because it wasn't turn based because suddenly everyone loves it. now they are hammering out a turn based mode and lo and behold the whole board is flooded with "turn based is for stupid babies" like this is 1993


    one of the overlooked components of divinity's success is multiplayer, people with money to burn just habitually buy multiple copies of these kind of games and barely play them. pillars should be a one player game.

  12. I dunno, I play this game because it isn't turn based. If I wanted a game with turn based mode I'd play Shadowrun or Divinity Original Sin. It's not about Turn Based not being good or not working for a game like Pillars. It's about Pillars turning into another game and giving up it's own identity. For me one of the main reasons to play the game would be gone. If it is optional and you can make it work, sure go ahead. Making Pillars 3 fully turn based would probably push back some if not a lot of the fanbase. It would push me away, because there's games where turn based just is so much better. There would be no reason for me to play Pillars anymore.


    did they take away real time on this game or is this actually about something else


    Well I just completed the very first encounter of the game in turn based mode. I'm sorry to all of you that love RTwP but this is far superior. I hope they include it in all the new isometric games they make as well.

    Sure. 'Cause you said so.


    By definition doing things sequentially is inferior to and less complex than doing things simultaneously.



    ah cool its the 90s again

  14. I think it is a waste of their time and resources. Don't think it will make an appreeciable difference in income for Obsidian.


    But let's see if the TB fans now argue for Larian following Obsidian's lead. I very much doubt it. D:OS2 is perfect as is, right? Only RTwP games need to be 'fixed' with TB mode.

    do you work for larian or what's up my dude


    people whine about rtwp because its suddenly fashionable to do so

    devs of rtwp game develop and release free turn based mode with late patch support

    some dude with no avatar sneers about it


    gamers turning into all the worst things about hipsters haha great to see

  15. josh sawyer is my fav game designer / basically only one i even know because he's the guy with the ilya repin wallpapers


    when baldurs gate was out the guys who played games had really no tolerance for turn based it was spat upon, there's no reason to make dungeons and dragons combat real time other than meeting the demand of the market. i have read a few times that interplay saw diablo do well and then demanded that baldur's gate do that also, but still be D&D. its amazing that it still worked, but good writing helps.


    essentially teenagers and young men of the 90s decided that to take turns was just absolutely the mark of a minimind and the real genius was dealing with everything in real time. this is also the same market that decided that even if 3d graphics looked god awful they were far superior than the top of the line 16 bit 2d graphics of the same time period. and yes civ did fine and i'm sure there were others like Xcom (but it was a cult hit i think) but you know its almost not even about real time i think PC RPGs were just small potatoes compared to FPS anything

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