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  1. It was already there in The White March. I like it myself. Ah yes, I see that now. Haven't touched the Barbarian class too much. And to each their own, of course, I just find it a bit cringey. Had the same reaction to a similar move introduced to Dragon Age 2 for 2H warrior, just a little silly looking.
  2. Oh no, that leap... I love PoE for the classic wRPG feel but that leap is way too jRPG for my tastes.
  3. Here is the output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/03rkavyqz4dadz1/output_log.txt?dl=0 All of the saves are affected.
  4. Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/ai5mh8nhfyijzyt/42cb06991bfa4f79add9d448fd0d6b5e%2013807301%20DyrfordVillage.savegame?dl=0 Thanks
  5. Bumping to report this bug is still present as of today. All areas reset. Pretty ridiculous that this game breaking bug is still here after a year...
  6. I've encountered a game breaking bug where every map in the game is completely reset. Fog of war is back, enemies are back, loot is back. All of my save files are experiencing this bug so I cannot go back before the issue arose. It seemed to happen around the time when I acquired Grieving Mother.
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