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  1. Good luck with your issue. They never resolved my issue and stopped responding to my questions, as you can probably tell from above. it was rather disappointing, which took away a lot of my enthusiasm for the game. After waiting for so long for someone to help with this issue, I ended up moving on to playing BG2. IMO you are probably better off starting a new topic if you want a chance of getting your issue resolved.
  2. It's been a while since anyone has responded to this thread. Should I just plan on skipping this quest?
  3. @PX1Player - I tried going through the Godhammer line of questioning, and resting (camping) several times in a row. Neither helped. I'm not sure which quest you're talking about. Tried googling "Magran's forge" and didn't get any hits. Are you talking about Cinders of Faith? The closest that I can find to Magran's forge is Magran's Fork, but that's a location, not a quest. Thanks for your suggestions. @Aarik D - I verified my game cache. Same result. I still can't get the quest to advance. Steam updated me to 3.02. Here's a new output log if you need it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7lth3p7lm2by1qp/AACPi15O3AV0Ph_kkuv-sxmua?dl=0 Is there some kind of fix that you could help me with here by modifying my save game or something? Just curious if I should be halting my game play until you can tweak something in the save game then get it back to me, or if I should just forget about the Trials of Durance quest and continue playing?
  4. Hey.... I hope that my several posts of new files didn't upset anyone. If I did, my apologies. I'm really hoping that this doesn't take much longer because I'm really dying to play PoE again. Not sure if you guys are interested in knowing, but i tried using ForceAdvanceQuest from IEmod on this quest. It didn't do anything. No output at all.
  5. Okay. Adding the 3.02 beta into the mix was a really bad idea on my part. I don't know what I was thinking. A new savegame, output log, and dxdiag can be found in the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7uf5zun48kexne/mdhankins-032316.zip?dl=0
  6. I forgot to mention, last night I updated to the 3.02 beta to see if it would make any difference with this issue. It did not. The output log file and other info that are in the link that I posted are from after I updated. If this matters, I can provide a new output log after "downgrading" from the beta code back to 3.01.
  7. Hi Aarik. Thanks for responding to me so quickly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aoy4vv6d3aha341/PoE-mdhankins.zip?dl=0 In the dropbox link is the log you asked for, along with a new save that I took at the time of the log, and a dxdiag log. I included the new save game and dxdiag log just in case they could be useful to you. Best, Michael
  8. Hey guys. I'm loving this game, just having some trouble with the Trials of Durance quest. It is stuck on Talk to Durance about Woedica. I've gone through all of Durance's dialogue options many many times, trying to make sure that I didn't forget something. I've also already completed the quest where you talk to all the different gods, and have to complete a task for them to prepare for going down into the pit. I did see the dialogue there about Woedica, and saw Durance get involved with the conversation. Later, I expected to go into the Trials of Durance quest to see some options about Woedica, but didn't see anything. It seems like I ran into some kind of bug. I've seen other posts about this same issue and am pretty sure that I've already done everything that others have suggested will resolve it. Below is a dropbox link to my save game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yju0vd717cqtty6/0f838aa55261419ab6494e0bee707116%2021009068%20CaedNua.zip?dl=0 Thanks.
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