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  1. Thanks so much Aarik, I do remember having done the same on my windows 7 OS a long while back. The OS worked without a problem, so I guess I'm just gonna do it again. Thanks again looking forward to this weekend
  2. P.S.: I already let game as well as steam run in Admin mode.. When I try to delete UNCL.tff I get: could not find UNCL.tff
  3. Hello everyone, Recently, when I want to play Pillars of Eternity, the game crashes when I try to travel to another destination outside Elms Reach. I think the problem exists ever since I've updated my OS to Windows 10 - because I almost played the whole game trough without a problem on Windows 7. I've uploaded all my files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pl4nb3mgzuyoe9l/AAA07uNi9fNggEidznTT-Y5la?dl=0 Thanks so much, it would mean a lot of me to get back to playing Pillars, I really love the game and just recently bought both add ons. Cheers, Bolle
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