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  1. Thank you for the reply, Mocker22. not necessarily, no. I just want a dps that wouldn't be a straightforward warrior. Actually shapeshifting in addition to the ability to cast spells sounds great to me - that is why I created this thread, because I can't really decide. I haven't even started the game yet but to my understanding, a typical nuking Wizard is a 3rd line glass cannon, staying in the back, doing lots of AOE damage. But how about Druid? I can imagine there are several builds but how does the gameplay look like for the most offensive one?
  2. Hi all I just installed the game and I'm looking to create a dps main, preferably a caster. After some researching, I think I will be deciding between a Druid and a Wizard. However I found this guide according to which Wizards after the recent patches actually aren't too great as typical nuking spellcasters and are better of as spellswords - when talking about pure damage dealing.
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