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  1. So there it is in big bold letters .... dropping temperament below average mean 0 health regen. OK I missed that. But when I noticed that using the 200% Health Regen consumaable was not increasing my health I looked into it. I guess 200% health regen of a base 0 health regen is ... well ... zero. OK I understand the math but I do believe that imbibing a whole bunch of carbs should give you some regen even if your base regen is zero. So instead of new regen = base regen * 2 how about ... new regen = IIF(base regen <= 0, 1,base regen * 2) Just a suggestion!
  2. It is a shame. Clearly someone made a decision that Obsidian Companion attributes should not be changed. Default attributes are now enforced in the saving and loading of the game. So I get it .... learning to work with the strengths and weaknesses of characters, Roleplay, Realism, and all that 'I don't want anyone messing with the characters I worked hard to create, define, and setup' thing. That said, in this day and age it seems the most popular games go the extra mile to let players play how they want to play. Witness the other Paradox titles and games like Fallout 4. I mean if games are player tuned through the console achievements are turned off anyway. So who cares if someone wants to min-max Aloth? Anyway, I don't see how making that change helps sell more games or increases player enjoyment. If people want to roleplay it with the fixed characters, which most do I suspect, let them. If they want to change the stats, let them. My 2 cents ...
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