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  1. The solution is simple - I ignore it. KotOR 2 has lost all interest for me. Why? Lucasarts. I'm in serious doubt now as to whether I'll even bother with KotOR 3 if and when it comes out. I now spend my time playing Planetside (I'd recommend it to anyone) and playing the guitar. For those of you who are still waiting for this music patch, don't bother. Go do something else with your life.


    This is probably a spam topic, but I had to get that off me chest.

  2. Personally, I quite liked Morrowind. It gets repetitive at times, but you can have some incredibly personal adventures if you roleplay. Plus the thousands of mods out there give you everything from incredible vampire powers to your own galleon...



    Ok, so it gets boring after a while, but the sheer freedom in it keeps you playing for ages.

  3. Personally I love Baldur's Gate. The first one started my love of RPG games, and the second is just incredible. Admittedly it's a little dated, but still my personal best RPG game ever.

  4. The demo is great fun, I urge everyone to at least try it.

    It's more of a RTS than an RPG - with a unit maximum of 3. Trust, it makes sense.


    As whoever reviewed it in PCG UK said, it's impossible to describe with words. Just play the demo.

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