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  1. Normally, since I use a mac, I'd go rummaging around the packaged contents of the app to see if there are any img files I can mess around with on photoshop. Its how I got different color in games like Darkest dungeon. However, POE is using Unity? So I'm pretty much @.@ here... I'm guessing someone used to Unity would probably know what to switch around or edit. it's not like im asking for new colours, it more like replacing the stock colours of one race with another. Though I don't know how hard that is to do...
  2. Hi there, Just wondering if there any way I can modify game files so that some races can have more than their original stock colours. Ie. Wood elf get the hair of pale elves or vice versa, The hair colours seem really limited IMO, Looking for a way to get around that, any ideas?
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