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  1. You can bring up the issue during the DLC. Llengrath said she'd be happy to sponsor your membership, but there are entry requirements. Requirements being doing research (like writing your dissertation for a doctorate), creating your own spell and then facing all of the other archmages in magical combat in a row. So no, you can't join the circle in PoE2, but you can tell Llengrath at the end that it's something you want to try after dealing with the whole Eothas situation.

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  2. There are some books in The Forgotten Sanctum that shed some light on this. The Creation of the Titans (not 100% sure on the title) basically said they fused thousands (millions?) of souls together to create the god souls and used something called "The Godseed" to create their bodies.


    Another book, The Man Who Would Be Skaen, basically implies that the soul of one person became the template for the god itself. In the case of Skaen it was a man who acted very much like Skaen does now. It seems the god souls were built around the soul of someone who embodied the aspects of the god they wanted to create. Whether or not the godsoul can recall the memories of all the souls used to create it is a good question, but it's probably just a faint memory if they can or you'd likely see problems along the lines of awakened souls in the world of Eora, with conflicting memories driving them mad. 

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  3. Not sold on this at all. Paizo's Golarion setting is one of the least interesting fantasy worlds out there. The whole thing is basically a patchwork of themed regions, like viking-land, French-revolution land, demon invasion land, gothic horror land, The White Witch from Narnia land, Egypt land, post revolutionary America land and so on. There's not a lot of creativity there, and that's not surprising since the whole setting was created in the span of a few weeks or months because Paizo couldn't use established D&D campaign settings any more after they lost the right to publish the Dungeon and Dragon magainzes. So they just took every boring fantasy trope and turned it into a fantasy setting that has "everything". Personally I find it dull as dishwater.

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