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  1. It worked! thank you Nicholas now I can play at 40-60 FPS everywhere, much more enjoyable.
  2. As an additional information (don't know if it is relevant) I have the Steam version and both the WM DLCs installed.
  3. Hi all, I'm experiencing some serious framerate issue with POE, it is noticeable already in Gilded Vale (10-20 FPS), but yesterday I reached Defiance Bay and already on the first district the game lags really bad, running at around 6 - 14 FPS, it is really disheartening to play with those FPS, running from the inn to Purnic's House was a chore even with double speed. My specs are : Intel i5 4200M GT 750M 4GB (latest driver) 8 GB ram DD3 Windows 10 No virtual network adapter or Hamachi installed. I already tried to specify that POE should always use Nvidia GPU (from Nvidia control panel) so any other suggestion is well accepted. Thanks
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