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  1. i think people missed the point of what Fallout 4 was created to be from the jump. it wasnt about the story or quests, it was about making a world thats driven and controlled by WAR and having everything in the world cater to the theme of War. the FPS controls were the most comfortable the series has seen and the ability to customize your weapons, armor and settlement gave you an advantage in war situations. i enjoyed taking a companion, roaming the streets of Boston and feeling like i was in a WORLD WAR between factions and could join in or avoid the wars all together. i enjoyed battling it out with the Brotherhood all over the map and having my companions shoot them out the sky whenever they came near my settlement. some missions, i was involved in 15 minute Warfare sessions where i really had to improvise to win.....and most locations on the map made for great battles between me and whatever enemy was present. i truly did have INCREDIBLE warfare moments with Fallout 4 that i havnt had with any other single player game EVER....so in the category of Open World War FPS, its the best one iv ever played, hands down. missions and quests come and go.....but Warfare.....Warfare is Forever.
  2. i dont understand what the issue is with Fallout 4. for me, it was exactly what i wanted in a Fallout game: lots of side quests, interesting characters, comfortable FPS controls and the ability to build and customize your own town. i put about 80 hours into it in a week and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Fallout NV was a solid title but lacked in ALOT of areas that i feel Fallout 4 corrected....and i dont think 4 gets the credit it deserves AT ALL but to each his own taste. Fallout is old news now though. its a new generation, its time to move forward. id love to see them take the NV engine and make a brand new IP. maybe something set in a modern day city??? a crime thriller??? a mob story??? a MURDEROUS LOVE MYSTERY??? so many possibilities.
  3. Fallout NV was great but i hated how empty the world was. the only places i spent any time in were the Vegas strip itself and Freeside. i felt like the game wouldve actually been better if they focused SOLELY on these areas and cut the rest of the world from the game completely lol. imagine the King with 20 more quests and a full on war in the streets with the NCR 24/7. Benny and his goons actually hunting you all over Freeside whenever you took a run in his casino. small scale games with HUGE CONTENT tend to capture me alot more than huge games with thin spread content. i always consider this less-is-more ideology whenever im putting together a script or an idea for a game....because i feel this is what has been LOST in gaming in the past 15 years......but i digress. the one thing i LOVE about the Fallout series is that the environments feel Operational. everyone has a schedule, characters work all day and then sleep at night, etc. i feel if Obsidian made a game that was less Open World and more a collection of Sandbox Environments that cohesively exist as one world, they could really focus on making each character feel like an actual human being with its own thoughts, feelings, opinions, desires, etc. imagine how insane it would be to travel to multiple environments and really have an Hour Long conversation with each character you meet.....getting to know them and what their life has been like....maybe even influencing them through conversation to take action in some way or another, or even influencing them to interact with other characters in the game in a negative or positive way....so instead of the player being the Renown Hero that everyone is programmed to praise and worship, they become the hidden cog in the system that silently makes it work through cunning conversation and properly selected dialog. Maybe the character you influenced tells another character and that opens up a whole new dialog set with that new character. Character Cohesion and Real Depth in Conversation....This is the wave of the future. overall, another Fallout game would be fine, yeah......but why not push it to the next level and give gamers something that changes the face of ALL of gaming??? a benchmark for what games should be vs what they have been. when gamers play the next Obsidian game, they should look at old Fallout games in DISGUST like they were released on the original NES.
  4. id love to see a game structured like Alpha Protocol but based around the current day Mob. imagine a story that actually lets you side with families and factions, betray people, befriend people and overall effect the outcome of the intricate story with your choices. the combat areas would actually be casual areas in town where a target is so the area could be a house, a mansion, a casino, a strip club, etc....and each area could have its own day/night cycle so if you camp out there all day, you see guards change shifts or maybe even the target leave the area and return at a later time, etc. im writing a script right now that i think would be Perfect for a game like that but i doubt Obsidian would care about my little stories lol. i just hope Obsidian realizes what a great pallet Alpha Protocol was and it has the ability to be a GREAT CURRENT GEN GAME. also, if your apartment or penthouse has a tv, having Actual TV Shows would be personally desired. i have a fetish for sitting in virtual homes and just watching tv lol. other people hate it but i feel like it makes a game Complete
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