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  1. I have an issue on the world map - while walking, sailing, and in ship-to-ship combat screens. The sound files are glitchy and crackle and/or pop. This occurs with speakers and with headphones on my computer. The game doesn't crash, but the audio crackle/popping is about twice as loud as the background music, etc. Is this something anyone else has experienced? This issue does not occur for any other game, device, or streaming service. The problem stops when I enter any location (including the interior of the ship) and then starts up again after heading back out to the world map. This issue did not start until right around the time of the turn-based beta. I had no issues prior to that, but I don't know if that is the problem or not.
  2. I've been playing PoE for a while now but constantly run into a problem where item icons sort of disappear (the item still exists but the icon is partially or completely missing.) I can move the item around in the inventory but unless I restart the game it remains missing. After restart, the problem starts up again after about 10-15 minutes. Additionally, black/gray boxes will appear at random across multiple maps within the game. These boxes are not just on the map of the game but also appear in the game world. I can walk through them but it's like a large missing part of the landscape. I'm using an AMD R5 GPU with the latest drivers. Am I alone in experiencing these issues? I've restarted the game multiple times to see if it is a corrupted saved game or something else but they keep cropping up. Thanks dg90807
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