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  1. For Defiance Bay I'd go with either the Crucible Knights for the +DR or the Doemenals (not sure on the spelling) for the crit damage. I always avoid the Dozens as their bonus is terrible and they are a bunch of yahoos. Lol, Yahoos indeed. For the tribes quest I always pick the resolve reward and in the Council Hylea for resolve and petrify defense. Thanks guys for the replies. Just to be clear. When you say you always pick the resolve reward for the tribes, are you referring to the "Wild Running" passive?
  2. After some research I think I'm gonna use this build for my first playthrough. I would like some advice on which quest rewards passive talents to pick with this build. - Which faction should I join in Defiance Bay? - What reward should I choose for the "At the Mercy of the Tribes" quest? - Which deific boon should I choose at the Council of Stars?
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