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  1. Well, I was able to stabilize the game after returning the CPU to its original settings. I had my Phenom II overclocked by 400MHz. When I removed the overclocking, the game stopped crashing. Although it is still interensting that PoE is the only application/game that is continuosly crashing when my oveclocking is on.
  2. Hi, I have verified the files through Steam (1 file does not check out, but I've read that that's normal), installed the game again and reinstalled graphics card drivers. No EVGA software running. Still crashing at random times. I am hoping that at least me sending the crash files can help improve the game's stability. Although it's interesting that there are no problems with technologically more advanced games than PoE on my computer.
  3. Hi, PoE is crashing to desktop all the time during gameplay. Sometimes it generates a crash report, sometimes it doesn't. I have to restart Windows after the crash, because it messes up with graphics (e.g. in Firefox). I have tried doing things recommended on this forum but with no results. I thought about overheating, but I have recently played a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but no problems there. Here I attach the output log, most recent crash report and the dxdiag infromation file. Thanks for any help. output_log.txt 2016-01-15_230342.ZIP DxDiag.txt
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