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  1. Thanks, I already had put the slider all the way to the left, I don't think it affects font smoothing. What I've done now is reduced the font scaling to the minimum (70%) which appears to have made reading text a fair degree more easy on my eyes. I still notice it but it's bearable. It also makes the text look pretty crappy and fairly small but I can live with that.
  2. No, not visibly blurry, the same way that anti-aliasing isn't visibly blurry, yet most AA uses blurring to smooth out the edges. It's so small that it isn't visible. Example:
  3. Font smoothing is using some method such as anti-aliasing on fonts. Windows uses it by default for instance, they call it "ClearType". While seraching for a solution I also stumbled on a post by Josh Sawyer stating that font smoothing would be a priority for them. Most smoothing afaik is done through some very fine blurring like anti-aliasing which can make it difficult to focus on it for your eyes and thus cause eye-strain. Most people apparently don't have this problem or are unaware of the effect. Not all smothing is the same, though. I didn't have any issues playing Wasteland 2 for instance.
  4. Is there a way to disable font smoothing? It gives me eye strain which in any other game I would just bear with. But in a game with that much text, it makes nigh unplayable for me. Cheers!
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