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  1. The quest reported 3000 xp earned however my party of 6 only received around 150xp
  2. Hey guys I have what I consider to be a fairly high end rig GTX 870M i7 4700 @ 2.4ghz 16 gb of ram latest drivers Yet I get debilitating performance in certain fights when some spell effects are on screen. For example when fighting a wisp and they do their electrical energy attack or fighting druids. Any idea what I can do to get through these fights without my fps being in single digits?
  3. Hey guys fairly new to the game and enjoying it so far. I am playing a caster focused party on path of the damned. My question is in regard to movement speed. I cannot see any real use for it as far as a debuff or even a buff. Typically my fights have everyone standing with brief periods of positioning. Am I missing some big advantage to slowing mobs down or boosting my guys movement speed?
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