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  1. I just turned it on thinking it would disable any "blizzard-like" hand holding like arrows pointing to where you need to go, game suggesting what you should skill etc. I am now convinced I should turn it off. How can I turn it off? Or do I have to reroll and start again?
  2. Well, which level are you, actually? The 'ghosts' are quite a steep increase in difficulty in the early game if you don't know what you are doing. They are weak against fire and deal ice damage, so you can use spells like 'fan of flames' if aloth has it or items giving cold resistance to help fight the wraths. If you want to have a better chance, you can go up to level 4 by doing sidequests in the areas around gilded vale. Everyone is lvl 3, except for Durance and Eder, who are lvl 2. I am roleplaying, so after talking to the dwarven animancer, I thought my character had good incentive
  3. Hey there. I am a 27 years old Baldur's Gate and old school RPG veteran. I also play Dota 2 actively, so I have good sense for game mechanics and rules. I like to be challenged, so I went for Hard mode, Expert mode and rolled a tank warrior. I took everyone I met into my party and after leaving Gilded Vale, in the forest maps there already were some encounters that simply wiped me in seconds. I try to use all the active abilities of my mage and priest, I pause, I send my tank forward and try to fight smart. So why am I getting my ass kicked? Is this normal or did I do something wrong?
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