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  1. Im trying to make a late pledge, and after I type in my customer information it wont let me continue, I keep pressing the continue button but It wont take me to the next page, i've tried this several times now. I didn't pledge with my kickstarter account, maybe thats why its doing this. Im probably not suppose to post this here but i've contacted customer support and they haven't responded back to me and I dont want to be late to buy the champion edition. Any help would be great, thanks!
  2. Interesting, didnt realize stealth would play into the mix. What about for any of the other classes, have any general recommendations?
  3. I'm making a Paladin currently on PotD, and I figure using Athletics and Lore are best, but i'm not sure how much I should add? And I have a general idea of whats decent for each class, but specific numbers would be nice since i'm in PotD. Any help would be appreciated!
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