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  1. Nevermind, I went back to a save from before I handed in the birds and was able to finish it. I did get the ability even though I talked him out of eating them. The only difference was that I turned them all in at once, whereas previously I had turned them in on three different stops to the Oldsong district. I could've sworn I've turned them in separately before and had it work.
  2. I used to be able to get the ability after talking him out of eating the three birds. Was this something that was changed in 2.03? I did not see it in the patch notes. How does it make sense that the PC would get the ability after watching the birds be eaten as opposed to watching them be freed? It's not like the PC is eating them himself.
  3. As of 2.03 I cannot finish Song of the Wild. I gave the guy all three of the required birds and talked him into letting them go, but I don't get the bonus talent and the quest stays in my journal. The journal does update to show that I've found all three birds. It worked for a different character on 2.02.
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