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  1. Here is the latest output log where the issue happened several times in a short time period at Hearthsong inn. output_log.txt
  2. Hello and thank you for quick answers. I tried veryfying game cache in steam as you suggested. There were 144 files that failed to verify and I think steam redownloaded or reinstalled them. I tried running the game again afterwards but the issue persists, sadly.
  3. Hello there! I am experiences very frequent game freezes that are about 0,5-3 sec long when the game loads up audio or dialogue assets (at least that is how it seems). Game runs very smoothly on high graphical, high strain settings and performs flawlessly when for example playing large multi-enemy fights were several high graphic settings spell animations are flung all over the screen. However, when doing simple tasks like talking to random NPC:s in town, the game very frequently gets these freezes. The screen freezes after clicking on an NPC and after the ''loading'' time is over, the dia
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