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  1. Are the new companions any good? Made a tank paladin on PotD, planning to go with Aloth, Eder, Kana, Zahua and Durance/Sagani/Hiravias (can't really choose). Any suggestions?
  2. I've played PoE when it came out, first on normal with the npc party members, then on PotD with custom party. I've enjoyed the game a lot more playing on PotD. Bought the white march now and I'd like to start again. However I heard a lot of things have changed and I have no interest to complete the game on normal again to see what works before I do PotD. So I would like some suggestions for a well rounded custom PotD party. Extra question: is PotD doable now with the story NPC's? I know they sucked a bit prior to the expansion but have much improved since then. Could you complete PotD with the story NPC's without being an expert on this game?
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