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  1. Hello my fellow Lords! I recently got around to play my first few rounds of the game and so far I really enjoyed my time with it. During our play sessions a couple of unclarities regarding the rule set arose though, hopefully some of you can shed some light on it! 1) Archers Longshot; can only be used if the Archers are not within a party, right? Also, as there is no mention of returning the gem after using the ability, I assume it can be used once per turn from the moment of placing the gem? 2) Storeroom Suppose the following situation: There're resource tokens stored. During the Build & Hire step the active player uses all his resources, so there're none to be passed around. Do players still get a chance clockwise to use their resources from the Storeroom and play cards? 3) Allegiance Card - Mirranna Can double resource tokens be targeted by this ability? 4) Invocations Is it possbile to reroll the combat / ability die from encountered monsters too, or just ones own? E.g. Vithrack (D3) - "Reduce the adventuring player's Armor by the result of one die roll." Can the active player then decide in step 5 of combat to reroll said die? 5) Hero - Verzano Can you store and use a token on the same turn, effectively doubling it? Or does the act of storing already exhaust the ability until the next turn. 6) Hero - Wula After placing the gem and looking at the first card, can this abillity be used again each turn from now on? Or just once? Thanks a lot already for your answers and insights! Cheers, Beor
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