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  1. I don't installed mods on PoE. Just some graphical enhancements (reshade and sweetFX).
  2. Here's a log, but I think that it's not the log linked to the bug I had. I hope it can help. output_log.txt
  3. Just killed Thaos in Triple Crown Solo. I killed the Hammer Giant first, then Thaos, then the Axe Giant. But sadly, my character was stuck after the fight and the final dialog was not launching. I could not move, nor open the menu, but the game was still running (no freeze). I quitted the game with Alt+F4, and reloaded my save after launching the game. The game made a save after the fight, so now I can move around the arena, there's the Thaos soul on the ground (Saying "Thaos" by pressing Tab) but I cannot speak to it nor active the machine to end the game. I spent over 50h for a single achievement that I will never have. Is there a way to activate the dialogue or activate the machine script ? I can upload my save / pictures or even a video showing the character moving around, desperately crying for an exit. Don't say "load an old save" or "you should have save before the fight", I was surprised enough that there was no Pre Jump save before the beginning of the Act IV (it's Iron Challenge, but hey, I wanted to do Withe March with that character... Anyway, I don't mind creating a new TCS character to try the DLC). I believe that I can modify some values in "C:\Users\Grokitach\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\loadedSave.zip", for example in the .lvl file of the last level maybe ? P.S. : I found a backup of my save in the backup2.0 folder, It was in Lle a Rhemen, at least I can try getting to Thaos again and backup my save before the fight in case things go wrong again...
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